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::: WELCOME :::

Welcome to the home page for Chaotic Domain, an open source game project being developed at Sourceforge. For more information on the plans for the game, please read the description. Click here to see screenshots, or here to download. If you want to give us some feedback, you can do so by filling out one or more of our surveys or dropping us a note in our forums.

If you think you want to work on helping with the development, then you should read the developer information, subscribe to the mailing lists, and/or email the project admin.

Please join our low-volume update mailing list so you will be notified of new versions and bug-fixes. You can sign up here. Click here to find out the current status of Chaotic Domain.

::: NEWS :::

.:[ Version 0.0.0pre2 released! ]:. Posted 4/21/2002

After about 10 months, we have finally released version 0.0.0pre2. Although this is definitely still a test release, with most features full of bugs, it has many features available. This is meant as a test release so bugs can be found and destroyed.

.:[ Permanent Chat Server ]:. Posted 12/21/2001

We finally have a permanent chat server! This means faster startups for the entire game, as well as usernames actually being stored. The server has been graciously provided by SEUL (

.:[ Version 0.0.0pre1 complete! ]:. Posted 7/25/2001

Version 0.0.0pre1 is complete! Check out the change log in the source dist for information on what it has (yes, this is my leader to get you to download it). Download it at:

Please note: we currently have 4 files that are released. There is a source distribution (.tar.gz), a jar file of the compiled classes (.jar), and then a source and compiled rpm. We will be making a windows release soon.

.:[ What's In a Name? ]:. Posted 7/06/2001
After a vote, we have decided on a name. As it stands, the game will be called Chaotic Domain. We will probably also be adding some sort of subtitle as well, but that has yet to be decided.

.:[ It's all gone! ]:. Posted 6/20/2001
If anyone's looked recently, our CVS repository is empty! Don't worry, we asked for this. We wanted a fresh start after all those failed attempts before. From now on, the module to download is going to be net. It should be there by the end of the day, we're just doing some testing to make sure it's perfect before uploading.

.:[ Chaos3d Is Born ]:. Posted 5/9/2001
Luke started the chaos3d project, which will be the 3d engine for the game. More information is available at

We'd like to thank the following for supporting our project throught hosting.

SourceForge SEUL

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Current stable release: none.
Current developement release: 0.0.0pre2. Currently working on: 0.0.0pre3.